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Headhunting & Recruitment



"talenTrack" headhunting & recruitment brand created by PrimeGear Corporate Business Services (Pvt) Ltd.

Our main focus is to assist corporate's to hire quality employees according to their specific requirements and business goals.In today’s environment of “Ultra competition” organizations require talent well suited to their current and future needs, we understand that well and therefore we strive to provide you the talent that suits your organization’s specific requirements.

We are here to find great people for similarly great careers - our motivation is to source, guide and place candidates who can add significant value to their new role with our clients. To achieve this, we need clarity, integrity, motivation, communication and a mutual respect.

We strive to make a difference by making it a point to meet as many potential candidates, conduct strict and diligent background and reference checks in order to provide absolutely the best potential skills and resources. This then allows us to effectively analyze a sourcing requirement and recommend the most suited solution, based upon one or more of our service lines.

Whatever role you are looking to have filled, we match your requirments with executive quality cadidates.

                             This is HEADHUNTING made simple ! 

The General Process 

The Job Description - We initiate the recruitment process by arranging a discussion with the client outlining the exact job description, candidate description, company’s background, culture, structure, market standing, stability, growth and future plans. We provide a job order form to be filled by the client and which can be used as a parameter for both parties.

Search  -We outline a recruitment strategy that is the most appropriate for the brief. Starting with making a Industry analysis to ending to the Organization maps from where the appropriate candidate can be sourced.

Interviews / Discussions   -  At the first round all candidates who are appear to be a close fit to the ideal profile will be interviewed. We pay utmost attention to the work exposure, capability, and fitment to the job, candidate expectations, personality and cultural fit.

The Shortlist   - After completing the interviews, we compile a shortlist of those candidates who we consider to be the right match to the client requirement. 

Client Interviews - Depending on clients wish, we arrange for the client and candidate to meet each other and communicate feedback from each party to the other.

References - We take up references from the candidate and submit a Reference Check Report to the client.  

Concluding the Assignment - We act as an intermediary to negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement between both client and candidate.  

Professionalism - We use our expertise effectively and maintain a high standard of integrity and objectivity in our approach to our clients and candidates.

Life time Relationship - We believe that this starts a life time relationship between Right Match and the Candidate. We ensure that we stay in touch with the candidate for life. However we never offer an alternate job opportunity to a candidate from the organization where we have once placed that candidate.


Are you a Jobseeker


Let us help your next move go well

 talenTrack can assist in defining what type of company suits you, what culture you would excel in, where your skills add value. Our experienceed staff will guide you through the process, helping you make the best decisions for your professional future.

We treat each candidate with total discretion and in absolute confidence.

We maintain  seperate job portal and social media channels to update latest job openings apart from reputed job sites and news papers.