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PrimeGear Corporate Business Service

PrimeGear Corporate Business services (Pvt) Ltd¯, a company incorporated with a vision of providing selected corporate services, focusing on business re-engineering strategies.

Our determination is to be the leader in the Business Gearing Services by offering an unparalleled service to our clients. Our focus on uncovering new practices in professional selling, identifying trends, and increase profits through Strategic Sales & Marketing Planning, CRM, Internet Marketing, Process Automation also assist in HRM to source right talent for our valued clients.

We have the ability to thoroughly and comprehensively understand your situation. Your Goals, company culture, selling environment, strategies,work processes, Human resources requirement and we can provide the right tools for what you really want to achieve.



We help businesses attract more qualified buyers and sell more to new and existing customers. Everything we do is measured and held accountable for results.

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Headhunting and

We strive to make a difference by making it a point to meet as many potential candidates, conduct strict and diligent background and reference checks ...

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It’s a popular business saying “Work smarter, not harder.” And if anyone ever asks you to tell them what that means, say, “Well, essentially, it’s business process management."

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An organized customer service plan can be the one factor that keeps your business ahead of the competition. We offer in-bound & outbound customer service call center ...

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